On the 29th August 2018 we finally flew to Iceland - a dream come true. With our rental car, a red VW Golf, we drove around the whole island in nine days and made about 3000 km. Time was short, the weather was "mostly" bad but all this doesn't matter when you have such a great landscape in front of you. I'm happy to say, we got to experience the "whole" island - glaciers, waterfalls, rainbows, northern lights, (few) sunsets, "snow", ice, wind, ... horizontal ice-rain and storms - real storms.

Anyway, the animals, which were most fascinating for us, weren't the icelandic horses, but the sheep - they are literally everywhere. We drove for hours into the highlands, the last farm 20 km behind us, and somewhere up there in the mountains we suddenly see something white. The closest encounter we had, was with a whooper swan - we were on our way to the East-fjords as a swan suddenly stood in the middle of the street (picture is somewhere in the gallery).


Sadly, we only had nine days and on our last day we had the most amazing sunset I have ever seen (in Iceland) - and I didn't get to take a picture of it ... that's the one thing I'll definitly regret. But - I'll be back! - And I'm looking forward to it.