Early 2020 my camera equipment got extended to another lens, the Sony 200-600 mm f. 5,6-6,3. My goal was to reengage into an old hobby of mine - watching animals. In my youth I often accompanied a hunter early in the morning before school. We sat for hours just watching the animals and their behavior. At some point, I knew the name of every mammal and bird and many, many insects and amphibians that lived in Austria and its surrounding countries. 

But ... school became harder, I had to focus on other things and my free time was taken up by playing video games, streaming and all the other "bad" stuff. I didn't quite loose the interest but I did forget somehow - if it makes any sense. Anyway, since I am planning on studying biology I might be able to reengage with this topic more often in the future. 

So, without any further ado, these are my first attempts on wildlife photography ...